Buffalo Sabres forward Casey Mittelstadt celebrating a goal with Rasmus Dahlin.
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Sabres General Manager Looking To Trade Star Forward For Goalie

Published February 9, 2024 at 11:59 PM
There were high hopes for the Buffalo Sabres this season after their strong showing at the end of last year nearly had them squeak into the playoffs. However, things have once again fallen apart and the team seems destined to continue their record-long playoff drought. As a result, one player could be on his way out of Buffalo this season.

Kevyn Adams Looking For Trade Partner For Casey Mittelstadt

NHL insider Andrew Peters reported today on After The Whistle that Sabres general manager Kevyn Adams is actively shopping Mittelstadt. He also noted that Adams is looking for another goaltender, so perhaps a goalie could be coming back in a trade involving the Sabres forward.

Mittelstadt has become one of the better Sabres forwards over the past two seasons. Last year he put up a career high 59 points in 82 games. This year he is already up to 42 points in just 50 games. He is thus on track to blow that career high out of the water this season.

NHL Insider Adds To Trade Rumor Buzz Around Mittelstadt

Elliotte Friedman added to the trade buzz today with a segment on 32 thoughts where he discussed the player. It seems as though Friedman has also heard this rumor about Adams not wanting to pay Mittelstadt as he referenced that here.

Friedman on Casey Mittelstadt (32TP): "If you're not going to pay him, he's not going to be happy. And that doesn't mean Casey Mittelstadt is a bad guy, but what it does mean is that he's going to look at everybody around him and say, all these guys got paid and I didn't"

While he does not expressly mention a trade, these comments do imply that he could even be looking for a trade himself. After all, why would he re-sign in Buffalo if the team isn't willing to give him a competitive offer for a contract extension?

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Sabres General Manager Looking To Trade Star Forward For Goalie

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