USHL defenseman David Posma slashing a player repeatedly
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USHL Defensemen Gets Largest Suspension In League History After Violent Slash

Published February 9, 2024 at 10:40 PM
Junior Hockey can provide some of the most entertaining moments you will ever see in a hockey game. However, sometimes players cross the line, and this is much more common in junior hockey than it is in the NHL. Recently, one player went so far past the line that he earned the largest suspension in league history.

Omaha Lancers Defenseman Gets Longest Suspension In USHL History

Lancers defenseman David Posma was suspended for whooping seventeen games after a disgusting slash on Sioux City Musketeers forward Kaden Shahan. Shahan had a clear lane to the net, which was empty as Omaha was down late in the game. While a goal was inevitable, Posma decided to take his frustrations out of the forward as he violently slashed him repeatedly. The USHL announced a 17 game suspension for him following the incident.

The USHL has suspended Omaha defenseman David Posma 17 games for slashing Sioux City's Kaden Shahan Friday night.

Posma has played in 10 games for the Lancers after playing 15 games for Niagara during the first half.

Omaha has just 24 games remaining in the regular season.

The play can be seen below. Posma can be seen repeatedly slashing the player intentionally and violently until he falls to the ice, clearly in pain.

The Lancers are by far the worst team in the USHL this season as they have just 7 wins in 40 games played. With 24 games left on the schedule, Posma will be a nonfactor for most of the rest of the season. Given the nature of the incident though, perhaps the league should have gone a step further, just to ensure that he does not take the ice again for the rest of the year. After all, Omaha will surely not make the playoffs.

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USHL Defensemen Gets Largest Suspension In League History After Violent Slash

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