ECHL Iowa Heartlanders soluting their crowd after winning a game.
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Three professional hockey players arrested after major scandal

Published April 12, 2024 at 8:10 PM

On Sunday night on ECHL team faced a major scandal as three of their players were arrested. Now the details of their arrest have come to light thanks to new reports. Three key players from the Iowa Heartlanders are facing new charges.

According to new reports, three players for the ECHL's Iowa Heartlanders have been arrested. The three players in question are Liam Coughlin, Nick Campoli, and Kevin McKernan.

Reports have suggested that all three players were intoxicated and charged with various crimes in connection to their intoxication. They were also charged with resisting arrest.

As a result of their arrest, all three players have been suspended while the investigation takes place.

«We are aware of the allegations; the players are going through the judicial process, and until that plays out, we have no further comment.»

The Heartlanders have just two games left this season which likely means the season is done for these players. If more information is released on these players and their charges we will provide updates to you.

Source: Inside The Rink - ECHL Breaking News: Three Iowa Heartlanders Arrested
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Three professional hockey players arrested after major scandal

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