Macklin Celebrini skating and stickhandling a puck while playing for the Boston University Terriers during  the 2023-24 NCAA season.
Photo credit: Boston University Athletics

Macklin Celebrini's dad reveals where he wants his son to be drafted

Published April 12, 2024 at 6:09 PM

Today a new interview was released with top draft pick Macklin Celebrini's dad Rick. During the interview, Rick was asked if their family had a preferred landing spot for Macklin. In his response, Rick Celebrini confirmed that they did.

Macklin Celebrini's draft eligible season just came to an end last night as his Boston University Terriers lost in the Frozen Four semi-final. With the loss he and his family can turn their attention to the draft. Macklin Celebrini is expected to be the top player selected as the draft begins. Today his dad was asked where he would prefer Macklin to land.

Rick Celebrini who is the Director of Sports Medicine for the NBA's Golden State Warriors admitted that Macklin Celebrini's landing in San Jose would be perfect.

«It'd be amazing. We talk about it all the time,» Rick Celebrini, father of the Livermore-based clan, told San Jose Hockey Now this week. «We try not to go there either. Because it's out of our hands, and you really don't want to be disappointed either. But as a family, it would be unbelievable to have him here with us in the Bay where we can help him and support him

As of now, the San Jose Sharks are the worst team in the NHL as far as record is concerned. This will give them the best chance to land the first overall pick and Macklin Celebrini from the Draft Lottery.

With just over a month until the Draft Lottery commences the Celebrini family will not need to wait much longer to find out Macklin Celebrini's new home.

Golden State Warriors' Rick Celebrini Hopes Sharks Will Draft Macklin Celebrini
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Macklin Celebrini's dad reveals where he wants his son to be drafted

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