Anaheim Ducks rookie Sam Colangelo warming up for a game in the AHL with the San Diego Gulls
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Rookie forced to change his number after breaking an unwritten rule

Published April 12, 2024 at 4:56 PM

Today an announcement was made regarding a change involving Anaheim Ducks rookie forward Sam Colangelo. According to an announcement, Sam Colangelo will change his number due to an unwritten NHL rule. He will reportedly switch from 66 to 64.

Sam Colangelo recently signed an entry-level contract with the Anaheim Ducks. After signing he played 4 games in the AHL and has been called up to the NHL. Ahead of his first game, it was announced he would wear jersey number 66. This came with a lot of backlash as it has in the past.

The NHL seems to have an unwritten rule that the number 66 is universally retired in honor of Pittsburgh Penguins forward Mario Lemieux. As a result of the outcry for a change, Sam Colangelo will now wear 64.

Update: F Sam Colangelo switches from jersey number 66 to number 64 for the Anaheim Ducks. Number last worn by Jacob Perreault in 2021-22. #FlyTogether

The NHL at this point has a strange but very solvable problem on their hands. Players like Sam Colangelo and Josh Ho-Sang have faced backlash for wearing the number among others. If this will always be the case then just pull the trigger and retire Mario Lemieux's 66 to end the discussion.

This is a change that just makes too much sense but still feels like it won't happen. Hopefully, eventually, we get a sensible solution to such a nonsensical problem.
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Rookie forced to change his number after breaking an unwritten rule

Should the NHL retire Mario Lemieux's number?

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