Maple Leafs reporter suggests Mitch Marner trade to two NHL clubs

Graham Montgomery
May 8, 2024  (1:05)

Toronto Maple Leafs winger Mitch Marner taking a shot during warmups ahead of an NHL game
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The Toronto Maple Leafs will be looking to shake things up this summer after another first round exit. Reporter Kevin McGran believes the team should trade Mitch Marner to either the Utah hockey club, or the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Trade rumors writer James Wilson summarized McGran's words succinctly. He believes that Marner would be better off in a market like Utah or Tampa Bay due to the fact that those markets will have far less scrutiny from the media and less pressure, even in the playoffs.
McGran posits that moving to a team like Tampa Bay or Utah could offer Marner a fresh environment and possibly less pressure than the hockey-intense atmosphere of Toronto.

Marner has always been a target of criticism among Leafs fans and the media alike. This year was no different as he put up one of his worst playoff performances of his career. He did not help things when he made comments like this after the series ended.
«It means the world. Obviously we're looked upon asyou know, kind of gods here to be honest.»

Mitch Marner on what it means to be a Leaf.

All of that being said, Marner has a full no-trade clause. If he wants out, that is one thing. But if he doesn't, there might not be much the Leafs can do. Obviously if they ask him to waive his clause, it could create tensions between the club and player. So far, Marner has not expressed a desire to leave Toronto. In fact, he has said that he would like to say.
Mitch Marner makes it clear that he wants to stay with the Maple Leafs.

Regardless, the Leafs have some work to do this summer. Whether its Marner, Tavares, or someone else, changes will be coming to the lineup. Be sure to stay tuned to see what moves the team makes this summer.
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Maple Leafs reporter suggests Mitch Marner trade to two NHL clubs

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