Trade Rumors Ignited As Key Players Get Removed From Official Team Roster

Published July 7, 2023 at 1:58 PM

If you follow hockey closely, chances are you've heard about the long and drawn-out trade process surrounding Alex DeBrincat. The young forward has yet to be traded despite months of rumors swirling around the city of Ottawa, and things are getting quite ridiculous.

New Info

It looks like we might have our first new bit of information regarding the DeBrincat trade process, thanks to none other than the NHL's own website.

The NHL website hosts all of their teams' official rosters, and fans noticed an irregularity with Ottawas.

While Senators newcomer Zack MacEwen was on the roster, established winger Alex DeBrincat was not, indicating that he might have already been moved.

That's Not All

While the DeBrincat omission was odd, what was even more strange was the fact that defenseman Erik Brannstrom was also removed from the Senators' roster.

Brannstrom recently signed a one-year extension with Ottawa, making his removal very suspicious. Perhaps we could see a scenario where DeBrincat and Brannstrom are traded to the same team?

This would certainly spice things up a bit, as the return for DeBrincat has been largely unknown up to this point.

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Trade Rumors Ignited As Key Players Get Removed From Official Team Roster

When will DeBrincat get traded?

Tomorrow1924.1 %
A week from now2126.6 %
In the next month2227.8 %
At the trade deadline1721.5 %
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