Connor Bedard's Real Personality Exposed in Interview

Published July 7, 2023 at 11:56

The first overall pick of the 2023 draft, Connor Bedard, has been in Chicago for the development camp in the last few days.

During an interview, he gave a surprising answer that shows his true colors.

Bedard's Humility

In the camp, prospects participate in a lot of team-building activities. In Chicago, they went to a Cubs game and a comedy show, among other things.

Bedard was asked what his favorite activity was, and his answer was surprising.

Connor Bedard was asked his favorite activity of the camp. He could have said the Cubs game, the comedy show, etc.

His answer: "I liked the clinic we did with the kids. We played floor hockey and got to talk to them and see their excitement when we came. It was pretty cool."


Good Guy Bedard

As you can see, Bedard is genuinely a good guy. He preferred to play with kids than go to the Cubs game or the comedy show.

This shows how passionate and generous he is. At only 18, he's already a role model for young kids.

The Blackhawks didn't only land an extremely talented player but also a good person who will help bring back a positive environment in Chicago.

As seen on Hawks Insider - Bedard shows true colours in interview
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Connor Bedard's Real Personality Exposed in Interview

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