Top Junior League Makes Controversial Equipment Decision

Published September 2, 2023 at 2:32 PM

All Junior A hockey leagues in Canada have made a massive controversial equipment decision.

Junior A To Require Bubble Masks

It has been revealed that Junior A hockey leagues will be requiring their players to all start wearing full face-covering masks. This means that players will have to wear either a bubble or a cage.

These will be their options:



Junior A hockey consists of nine leagues: BCJHL, AJHL, SAJHL, MJHL, SOJHL, TBJHL, CJHL, NOJHA, MJAHL, and NBJHL. The BCHL was previously a part of the league but became independent earlier this year. Some notable alumni of these leagues are Cale Makar, Mark Messier, Glen Wesley, and Lanny McDonald.

This rule has trickled up from the Junior C and D leagues and is now impacting some legitimate NHL prospects. It is only a matter of time till this rule is implemented in the CHL leagues and potentially, even the NHL.

As seen on Blade of Steel - Hockey league making face masks mandatory
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Top Junior League Makes Controversial Equipment Decision

Should players be allowed to wear half visors (what the NHL has right now)?

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