Sergei Fedorov Implicated in Major Scandal

Published September 2, 2023 at 1:27 PM

Former NHLer SF made a comment that sparked major controversy.

Controversy Involving Fedorov

Sergei Fedorov is currently the head coach in the KHL for Ivan Fedotov's team.

Fedotov's story has been a hot topic all summer. He was suspended by the IIHF after he signed contracts in both the NHL and the KHL. His team, CSKA, was also suspended from making international transfers for a year.


"An interesting story is developing. Ivan Fedotov, who has a valid contract with the NHL Flyers, is, as we speak, playing in CSKA Moscow's season opener. This means that, to my knowledge, it is the first time that an IIHF-affiliated federation, league, and club have defied an IIHF sanction.

The IIHF sanctioned Ivan Fedotov on August 14 and imposed a one-year ban on international player transfers on CSKA Moscow. The IIHF's aim with the sanctions is to force CSKA to release him to return to the Flyers."

Fedorov's implication starts here.

Fedorov Comments on Controversial Decision

The KHL and Fedorov decided to let Fedotov play despite the suspension.

The coach commented:

«Reading certain things over the past month, I can say with confidence, in my opinion, everyone needed to wake up a long time ago,» said Fedorov, as per Bob Duff. «A special military operation is underway; the world has changed. Therefore, here everyone needs to wake up and understand what realities we live in, and who rules in our country— we or some laws from the other side?»

With the whole situation in Russia, such statements can be seen as a bit insensitive.

If he ends up letting him play, the KHL can expect more consequences from the IIHF...

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Sergei Fedorov Implicated in Major Scandal

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