Teammate Makes A Massive Claim Regarding Connor McDavid

Published July 12, 2023 at 7:24 PM

The Edmonton Oilers have been facing the same disappointment of early playoff exiting for the last several years now and their franchise icon has reportedly had enough.

McDavid In Win Now Mode

In preparation for next season, it has been advertised to watch out for the Oilers and Connor McDavid. A teammate has just spoken on the emotions that all the players, especially McDavid, are feeling and they are not great. Defenseman Vincent Desharnais was recently on a podcast and he shared how
unbelievably frustrated McDavid was after yet another elimination and that the NHL might witness the scariest version of him next season.

«The atmosphere in the room was insane, just how it was and nobody else came in. No coaches, no one from the front office. It was just the players, doors closed. Connor got up and he spoke. .. It was the first time I saw him like that, with so much emotion, so much frustration. And the first thing I thought of when he was talking that way was how I swear, next year, the NHL isn't ready! I swear to you, he's going to break records again! I'm telling you right now, and let's knock on wood that he stays healthy, but I'm telling you, he's going be NASTY! The upcoming season, he and Leon are going to be dangerous!»

Adding On To A Career Year

Despite showing evident frustration throughout all of last season and having it all pile up after being eliminated in the playoffs, McDavid is focused on increasing his tremendous output even more to get the Oilers to the top. McDavid tallied 64 goals last season and ended up with an absurd tally of 153 points, so to improve on those numbers would be extravagantly exciting to see. With the help around him of Leon Draisaitl, Zach Hyman, and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, it should definitely not be worth missing an Oilers game this season.

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Teammate Makes A Massive Claim Regarding Connor McDavid

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