Video Surfaces That Has Fans Worried For Milan Lucic's Health

Published July 12, 2023 at 3:18 PM

Fans have expressed concern for Milan Lucic after a video of him has surfaced.

Lucic Video Surfaces

Milan Lucic has played 1,173 total career NHL games and has laid 3,263 hits throughout his NHL career. Obviously, this takes a toll on one's body and Lucic is no exception.

A recent video the Bruins posted shows Lucic walking and his posture is quite alarming.

The Fans Reaction

Fans were quick to point out his posture and were both showing concern and mocking Lucic.

Lucic's Explanation

Luckily, we know Lucic is ok, as he has made a statement about this before.

"When I was 15, my mom noticed I couldn't straighten up. My back, it was crooked. Doctors did some tests and told me I had something called Scheuermann's disease. They tell me it's a condition that, while painless, causes the upper back to curve." - Milan Lucic

Lucic's explanation has helped raise awareness for the disease and he has served as a role model for many struggling with it.

Lucic's Quote - Lucic endearing himself to fans from all over
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Video Surfaces That Has Fans Worried For Milan Lucic's Health

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