Sean Avery threatens neighbourhood teenagers (video)

Published October 5, 2022 at 10:08

Mark this in the nothing new at all file but former-NHLer and permanent troll Sean Avery is at it again with his trouble-making and attention-seeking antics.

While house-sitting the in the Hollywood Hills Avery confronted a number of people, including teenagers over what he perceived to be their illegally parked cars.

Given Avery's style of confrontation that he was famous for on the ice the people were not happy and argued back with him, leading him to say:

The next time one of you guys parks your cars there, I'm going to snap your windshield wipers off. One-hundred percent. One-hundred percent. Ask around!

This is not the first time Avery has engaged in NIMBY (not in my backyard) behaviour, last year, he broke a man's car mirror after he claimed the guy hit him while he was jogging in the street.

Never shy of the spotlight on or off the ice, Avery continues to make waves and get in disagreements with people everywhere he goes it seems.
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Sean Avery threatens neighbourhood teenagers (video)

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