Junior team folds after 5 games - Outscored by INSANE amount

Published October 4, 2022 at 8:41 PM

If you haven't heard or seen a game of the Ponoka Stampeders of the Heritage Junior Hockey League (HJHL) you've missed your chance for this season and potentially forever.

The Stampeders had a rough start to the season in the HJHL, which consists of 14 teams spread out across Alberta. After only 5 games the Stampeders were outscored 125-3, and have shuttered this season and it is unknown if the team will resume playing next season.

Over the course of the five lopsided losses, Ponoka posted a total of three goals while their opponents were able to net a combined 125. The game scores were as follows: 23-1, 25-1, 20-1, and 20-0.

These absurd scores demonstrate a lack of parity in the HJHL that seems to plague many of the junior hockey leagues that exist throughout Canada.

What is likely needed to ensure the survival of the different teams and leagues so they don't fold the way Ponoka has is greater central control by the HJHL head office and its equivalents throughout the junior system. Done to ensure that scouting, player development and talent acquisition are done in a more structured and fair way to ensure that the numerous teams and towns and fans that support them can all attract players to field competitive teams.

It's sad to see sports in little towns like Ponoka, a town of 7000 people lose their team and season due to huge disparities in talent acquisition that could be rectified by stricter management by the league.
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Junior team folds after 5 games - Outscored by INSANE amount

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