Reason Alex Galchenyuk was released from Avalanche is REVEALED - It's a TOUGH one!

Published September 29, 2022 at 9:01 PM
One of the most disappointing players in the league over the last 10 years, atleast to me, is Alex Galchenyuk.

The guy was drafted third overall back in 2012 to the Montreal Canadiens, after absolutely dominating the OHL with Nail Yakupov.

His first few season with the Montreal Canadiens were very good as well, putting up 40+ points on multiple occasions, scoring well over .5 points per game every season, and even having a 30 goal year. He looked like he could turn into a dominant force in the NHL but things just never came together for him.

After being traded around a few times, it looked like he may have found a home with the Toronto Maple Leafs, but after a bad giveaway in the playoffs which led to a goal against, that was the end of Chucky in Toronto.

He spent last season in Arizona, but it did not bode well for him and found himself needing to sign a PTO this season just for a chance to play in the NHL.

Unfortunately though, yesterday he was released from his PTO with the Colorado Avalanche, and it was just revealed why.

Jared Bednar said Galchenyuk got hurt which was why the #Avs had to move on. He'll miss a significant amount of time, said Bednar, who liked the forward's camp. "Just unfortunate."

Bednar also said the team might touch base with him when he gets healthy.

When this could have been his final chance at an NHL career, this is not the way he would want to go out.
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Reason Alex Galchenyuk was released from Avalanche is REVEALED - It's a TOUGH one!

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