REPORT: Very concerning issue for Chicago Blackhawks and it's not on ice play

Published November 27, 2022 at 10:24 PM

Long gone are the days of 3 cups in 6 years for the Blackhawks, and the tough news for Blackhawks fans is that it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

The Blackhawks are currently sitting dead last in the Central division, so the 'tank for Bedard' plan is in full affect and is working.

But the problem is, even if this season is a write-off, fans don't show up to support a losing team. Sure right now they still have fan favourites Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews who are a joy to watch, but with both of them being on the final year of their contracts, it's very very very unlikely that we see either in a Blackhawks uniform next season.

So what happens if they lose out on the lottery and don't get to draft Bedard, Fantalli or Michkov? Who are the fans going to show up to cheer for next season?

The Blackhawks being an original 6 team are supposed to have a die-hard fanbase who will support the team through thick and thin, but there might be some issues in Hawks Nation and they are already showing.

Attendance 11/25
#MNWild 18,997 105.8%
#VGK 18,119 104.3%
#Flyers 19,309 100.7%
#LGRW 19,515 100%
#Bolts 19,092 100%
#Caps 18,573 100%
#GoStars 18,532 100%
#Bruins 17,850 100%
#SJSharks 17,562 100%
#CBJ 17,286 95.2%
#Sabres 16,727 87.7%
#Ducks 14,278 83.1%
#Blackhawks 16,159 82%

The Blackhawks are not selling out their arena. The proud franchise who took their fans to 3 cups in 6 years are no longer receiving the support of their fans. What's going to be scary as well, once Toews and Kane leave, which will most likely be this season before the trade deadline, will fans show up at all?

It's going to be interesting next season if the Blackhawks do not get one of those big 3 prospects who will be exciting to watch, they could be looking at Arizona numbers for attendance if so.
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REPORT: Very concerning issue for Chicago Blackhawks and it's not on ice play

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