REPORT: Insider: 'Edmonton Oilers working on a trade to replace Evander Kane'

Published November 27, 2022 at 8:23 PM

The Edmonton Oilers have not had the start to the season they were hoping for.

After acquiring Jack Campbell they were hoping he would be the only missing piece they were looking for to be a true Stanley Cup contender, but he to this point has been worse than what they had last season.

Then it didn't help that a few weeks ago Evander Kane underwent surgery to repair a sliced open wrist after Tampa Bay's Pat Maroon accidentally stepped on it.

The Oilers are current 4-6-0 in their last 10 and are desperately holding onto a Wild Card position with a 11-10-0 record.

When they lost Evander Kane, they lost a huge part of not only their top 6, but the team toughness as well. The team did manage to pull off an incredible comeback the other night against the New York Rangers, after being down 3-0 and coming back to win 4-3, but according to this NHL Insider, the Oilers are definitely looking to make a trade to improve their roster.

According to Insider Elliotte Friedman:

One thing I do think the Oilers are looking at is just some depth forwards who are edgy or who can grind a little bit. I think there is a feeling since Evander Kane went out that they are a lot easier to play against and I do think the Oilers are looking to see, they are tight on the cap, can they find a budget player or two that can make a difference in their forward depth.

The Oilers are tight with their cap and with Evander Kane back before seasons end it will be difficult to try and squeeze a player in who will still fit after Kane's return, but there are some players out there who can prove what they're looking for.
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REPORT: Insider: 'Edmonton Oilers working on a trade to replace Evander Kane'

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