REPORT: NHL Insider OVERHEARS Patrick Kane to Toronto Maple Leafs

Published February 16, 2023 at 9:53 PM
It's an exciting time of the season as we are just a few weeks away from the 2023 National Hockey League Trade Deadline, so all the rumours are starting to swirl.

This time of year can be exciting for some fans and depressing for others as you either get to see your team make some big trades to bring in some star talent, or your team is a seller and you want some of your star players leave.

This year the biggest fish on the market is Patrick Kane. The Chicago Blackhawks are in rebuilding mode and that means that veteran leader Patrick Kane who is on the final year of his contract is most likely on his way out of Chicago.

It's been reported that Patrick Kane is interested in going to the New York Rangers or Toronto Maple Leafs. Kane has a full no trade clause and can control where he gets traded to and these are apparently his top 2 choices.

The Rangers made a trade already to bring in Vladimir Tarasenko, so they will not be able to afford Kane, but the Maple Leafs who are a cap strapped team, could probably somehow make a trade work if they were willing to move on from a few pieces.

This is where things get a little exciting, NHL Insider Dave McCarthy overheard some rumours while in the press box:

Overheard in the press box:

What number is Patrick Kane going to wear? Nylander probably isn't giving up 88 right?

Even though defence is what wins championships, it's been reported that it's a top 6 forward that the Maple Leafs are looking for at the deadline, and well, Kane is definitely a top 6 forward!
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REPORT: NHL Insider OVERHEARS Patrick Kane to Toronto Maple Leafs

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