BREAKING: NHL releases statement regarding Bally Sports BANKRUPTCY

Published February 16, 2023 at 3:46 PM
Yesterday, the National Hockey League called an emergency meeting with all 32 teams in the NHL due to Diamond Sports subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast Group skipping a $140 million debt payment.

Bally Sports covers teams like the LA, Anaheim, Arizona, Dallas, St. Louis, Minnesota, Detroit, Columbus, Nashville, Carolina, Tampa Bay, and Florida.

If something is not figured out fast on how fans can watch these games, it could potentially result in hundreds of millions lost for both the NHL and these teams.

The NHL is doing everything they can to solve this problem and today they released the following statement:

The NHL is closely monitoring the RSN situation. We will be prepared to address whatever circumstances dictate to provide our fans with access to our games

Is it time for the NHL to start their own streaming service thats nation wide, for fans to have access to all games? One of the biggest complaints from fans when they purchase an online package are 'blackout' games, so this could be the opportunity for the NHL to make a package that every fan would purchase and be happy with.
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BREAKING: NHL releases statement regarding Bally Sports BANKRUPTCY

Should the NHL have their own streaming service?

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