Mikhail Sergachev Claps Back At The Media For Spreading False Information

Published August 3, 2023 at 1:51 PM

On Monday Mikhail Sergachev took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the media storm that has been created around his recent comments on the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Original Interview Translation

During the interview conducted in Russian Sergachev was asked about their series against the Leafs. Here is what many outlets reported he had said:

Sergachev: «I don't want to put any pluses on Toronto now, they didn't deserve them.»
Reporter: «Why don't you want to put Toronto pluses?»
Sergachev: :Well, why? I don't think they deserve much.»
Reporter: «For the first time in 19 years, the first round was passed!»
Sergachev: «Well done here, they went through the first round, but did not go further. So I don't see any reason to rejoice here.»

This quote makes it sound as though he did not want to give the Leafs credit for beating Tampa Bay in the series. However, with a new translation from Sergachev, the record is set straight.

Sergachev Speaks Again

After seeing himself being misquoted thousands of times on social media Sergachev posted on Instagram what he considers to be the proper translation of his interview.

Lol, if you don't speak Russian don't use google translate as your first option and then spread misinformation! I never said it like that! Question was *Toronto played very physical which got couple of your defensemen hurt,is that true?" And I said "no it just happens sometimes people get hurt by accident, and I don't want to give
them credit"
Rep"Why not give them credit?" Me "Why? I don't think they deserved
them" Rep"For the first time in 19 years
passed first round" Me "Here true, good on them! But didn't go thru second round, I don't
see a reason to celebrate" Check your sources or find someone
who speak the language, don't be

This shows Sergachev giving props to Toronto for beating them but not giving them credit for the injuries that were caused by Toronto to Tampa Bay.

Sergachev did also go on to say that only getting to the second round is not a reason to celebrate. From Sergachev's perspective of winning multiple cups this makes sense but what he does not relate with is the mental anguish Leafs fans and players have dealt with in trying to make it to the second round.
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Mikhail Sergachev Claps Back At The Media For Spreading False Information

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