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Mayor Of Washington DC Offers The Capitals Millions To Stay

Published December 14, 2023 at 12:07

With recent news surfacing that the Washington Capitals will be moved to Virginia, the Mayor of Washington DC has just made an insane offer to the team to keep them in the nation's Capital.

Mayor Offers Half a Billion Dollars in Support to Keep the Capitals in Washington

The Washington Capitals have been recently reported to be planning a move to the suburbs of Virginia, as the City of Washington DC tries to secure a longer lease.

Now, Frank Seravalli has announced that the City of Washington DC is set to support a massive project to the tune of $500 million to renovate Capital One Arena, in an attempt to keep the team.

And, on the night news breaks about a press conference announcing the Capitals plan to move to Virginia - Washington DC mayor announces support for $500 million in renovations to their current home Capital One Arena.

Capitals Fans Not Happy About Potential Move

When the news broke about a potential move, Capitals fans were not all that pleased, as they had one of their most supported teams taken away.

"If you're not from here, you may not understand why a Wizards/Capitals move to Virginia is especially difficult for D.C. residents to accept...

Nothing replaces a sports team in a city's soul. Nothing."

With such a big part of the City being taken away, its clear that the Mayor is trying to do everything possible to keep the Team at Capital One Arena.

As seen on Blade of Steel - "D.C Mayor commits money to Capital One arena just after proposed plan to move team breaks"
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Mayor Of Washington DC Offers The Capitals Millions To Stay

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