Massive Proposed Trade Would Send Connor McDavid to His Hometown

Published August 5, 2023 at 2:30 PM

Connor McDavid Headed Home

In a hypothetical blockbuster trade, two of the league's top players could be swapping jerseys. As the Edmonton Oilers seem to falter during the playoffs and the Toronto Maple Leafs aim to ascend, a match could potentially be made for a trade involving the universally acknowledged best hockey player, Connor McDavid.

Setting the Stage for a Major Trade

The cost of obtaining a player of McDavid's stature is likely to be steep. However, with his strong ties to Toronto, this move could potentially bring the coveted cup to the "6ix". Involved in this potential deal is Mitch Marner, an underrated player who has emerged as one of the sport's superior two-way talents and arguably the best winger at this time. Marner would serve as an excellent centerpiece in a trade deal for McDavid.

Further sweetening the deal would be 2021 pick Matthew Knies, a likely future middle-six power winger, defenseman TJ Brodie, and two first-round picks.

Potential Trade Summary

To Toronto
Connor McDavid

To Edmonton
Mitch Marner
TJ Brodie
Matthew Knies
First Round Picks in 2024 and 2026


A Game-Changing Trade

This hypothetical trade could send ripples throughout the league, potentially benefiting both teams. The pairing of Marner and Leon Draisaitl might result in one of the best two-way duos in the league. Meanwhile, the combination of McDavid and Auston Matthews could create a unique magical synergy.

All that remains to be seen is whether either team would have the courage to initiate such a significant move.
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Massive Proposed Trade Would Send Connor McDavid to His Hometown

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