Milan Lucic Roasts the Flames in New Interview

Published August 4, 2023 at 10:14 PM

While Milan Lucic's early tenure in Calgary was somewhat successful, things went downhill in the final year, as many things did after the dominant Battle of Alberta playoff loss.

Playoff dominance


2021-22 was an incredibly successful season for the Calgary Flames, but unfortunately in the playoffs, they ran into a red-hot Oilers team, and would wind up being decimated 4-1 in the Western Conference Semi-Finals.

It was a disaster on the ice, and in his latest interview, Lucic has detailed what a disaster it was behind the scenes too, and in typical fashion, he didn't mince words.

A franchise altering meltdown

The Flames would go on to win game one of that series, but after that, things all went downhill fast, and as Lucic details, there were plenty of people to fault for that.

I think we opened it up way too much against them. You can't open it up at all against those guys and then, honestly, the worst thing that could've happened is we won game one, what was it, 9-5 or 9-6. So then you know game one is opened up, so then what do we think right away, ‘we think we can score with these guys because we put up 9 in game one' and thought that was the worst thing that could happen.»

Against the might of Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl and a dominant series from Zach Hyman, the Flames were blown out, and unfortunately, they played right into the Oilers hands.

Then it seemed like when Hyman scored that PK goal in game two, I don't remember if it was to make it 4-3. Every game was a shit show and then I think we lost our heads and lost our cool and the way we needed to be, how we needed to be, and needed to play. And then you know every time we took a penalty they would score. Every time we got a lead they would score right away back you know after that.

According to Lucic, the Flames lost their heads and their cool throughout the series, and after that, the spiral hasn't stopped for the Flames, but now, it's no longer his issue as he will look to bring further Stanley Cup glory to the place where it all started, the Boston Bruins.

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Milan Lucic Roasts the Flames in New Interview

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