Major Turn Of Events Regarding The 2018 Team Canada Scandal

Published August 10, 2023 at 3:47 PM

There has been a major update regarding the 2018 Team Canada scandal.

Recent Events

Over the past month, we have gotten some major news regarding who is involved with the 2018 Team Canada Scandal. While names are not known to the public, there are journalists and insiders who know the names.

We can expect the names involved with the scandal to be suspended by the NHL as soon as it is revealed to the public.

As soon as the news of the scandal came to fruition, many players on that team released statements claiming that they were not involved.

Major Update

Recently, insider Frank Seravalli dropped some major news on the players involved.

According to what Seravalli reports on a recent podcast, don't believe that all the players who released a statement to disassociate themselves from this crime are innocent. Some of the players involved would be among those who publicly announced that they had nothing to do with this story.

- Marco Normandin

"There are some players who said they had nothing to do with this story and made an official statement or asked their agent to make one who are involved." - Frank Seravalli

This means that anybody on that team could be involved which is major considering how so many flat-out denied involvement.

More news to come.

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Major Turn Of Events Regarding The 2018 Team Canada Scandal

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