Erik Karlsson Shuts Down Major Rumour

Published August 10, 2023 at 2:36 PM

Erik Karlsson has shut down a major rumor that has been circulating recently.

Karlsson Shuts Down Rumor

Over the past season, a major rumor surrounding Erik Karlsson has been quietly circling. That is that he and his former teammate Brent Burns are not on good terms.

Many speculate this as they play a similar style of game and when they were on the same team together, both saw their play suffer.

Yesterday, Karlsson shot down the rumor entirely.

Too Many Cooks?

In Karlsson and Burns' final season together, Karlsson registered 35 points in 50 games (57-point pace) while Burns scored 54 points in 82 games.

One year later after Burns got traded to Carolina, Karlsson scored 101 points while Burns scored 61 points.

The two are both elite offensive defensemen in their own regards but it appears that splitting time at the top was hurting both of them.

Now, the two will be division rivals and play against each other a bunch this season and potentially meet in the playoffs which will be a fun series.
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Erik Karlsson Shuts Down Major Rumour

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