Kyle Dubas Slips Up and Reveals Secret Maple Leafs Information

Published August 10, 2023 at 2:20 PM

New Penguins General Manager Kyle Dubas made a splash this past week when he acquired three-time Norris Trophy winner Erik Karlsson, but in his latest press conference, he's revealed some intriguing information.

A long time coming


According to Dubas, this deal was a long-time coming, and even dates back to his previous employment with the Toronto Maple Leafs, a secret bit of information that probably shouldn't have been revealed.

It was a fairly lengthy process that goes back to my previous employment. Even though he's in his early thirties, he continues to be one of the top skaters in the NHL and obviously his offense is quite prolific.

It's interesting to see that Dubas was swinging for the fences and trying to land the veteran in both places of employment, but given his interest levels, it's no surprise that he eventually landed him.

Stanley Cup bound?

Now, the Penguins have a core of Crosby, Malkin, Guentzel, Letang and Karlsson, and if they can stay healthy this season, they could be a contender in the Eastern Conference.

There's plenty of tough teams, with Carolina, New York, Toronto, Tampa Bay, New Jersey and others all competing for a spot, but Dubas believes the speed and offensive threat of Karlsson makes them a difference, so we will have to watch and find out.

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Kyle Dubas Slips Up and Reveals Secret Maple Leafs Information

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