MacKenzie Weegar Looks Pathetic After Trash Talking an Injured Jake Evans

Published March 31, 2022 at 10:36
Unfortunately in Hockey, injuries happen. However not very often you have players trash talk an injured player.

Habs Jake Evans was tying to tie the game in the 3rd period the other night and was being chased my Panthers defenceman MacKenzie Weegar who caught Evans who lost his balance and went crashing hard into the boards.

The Panther were trying to go on the offence but the officials knew Jake Evans was injured so they blew the whistle. The Panthers defenceman didn't like that the whistle was blown and skated back to argue with the ref and continued to say something to the injured Evans.


We don't know what was said but Habs defenceman and Evans teammate Joel Edmundson went after Weegar for it. We would learn from reporter Matt Drake what was said via Twitter.

"Weegar didn't do anything wrong on the play, but it was ridiculous (and embarrassing) what was coming out of his mouth afterwards, while a player (Evans) is writhing in pain on the ice." - Matt Drake

Indeed, if you look closely, you realize that Weegar was yelling this, while Evans was laying on the ice in pain:

"This is a fucking joke. This is a joke, he's perfectly fine."
-MacKenzie Weegar

The Panthers defenceman, instead of being concerned about Evans' health like his teammates and like the rest of us, would accuse Evans of faking an injury.

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MacKenzie Weegar Looks Pathetic After Trash Talking an Injured Jake Evans

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