MAJOR: Danny Briere Admits Flyers Might've Made a Mistake With Matvei Michkov

Published August 27, 2023 at 6:03 PM

Philadelphia Flyers GM Danny Briere has spoken about the decision to draft Matvei Michkov and admits it could be a mistake.

Flyers Select Michkov

With the 7th pick in the 2023 draft, the Philadelphia Flyers made the decision to draft Matvei Michkov. Michkov was seen as a risk but the talent and the upside is simply to much to ignore at a certain slot.

Part of the risk is that the Flyers have no control over his development and there is a lot of ambiguity with Russia.

Briere Admits To The Potential Mistake

Recently, Danny Briere went live on air and discussed the Michkov pick, this is what he said:

"Are we scared? Yes, like everyone else. That's probably why he fell to us at #7.

We hope and trust that one day he'll want to come and play. We know he wants to play in the NHL, but a lot of things have to fall into place." - Danny Briere

The external factors were enough to scare off five other teams but knowing that Michkov has all of the upside in the world, Briere took a gamble that could wind up being the Flyers number one player if all goes right.

We will now have to wait over the next couple of years to see if Michkov can come to North America and help the Flyers when his KHL contract ends.

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MAJOR: Danny Briere Admits Flyers Might've Made a Mistake With Matvei Michkov

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