The Full Truth Behind Taylor Hall's Trade to Chicago Finally Revealed

Published August 27, 2023 at 2:23 PM

Earlier this summer, the Chicago Blackhawks acquired Taylor Hall from the Boston Bruins.

The full reasoning behind their decision has been revealed.


Trading for Hall

In exchange for a couple of prospects, the Bruins sent Taylor Hall and the rights to Nick Foligno to Chicago.

The trade wasn't well-received at first. Hall has an expensive contract, and the Hawks are obviously not looking to win right now. It would have made more sense to see a top contender acquire him at 50%, but the Bruins were also looking to clear some cap space. In the end, everyone in Chicago was happy with the deal.

We now know why.

The Truth Behind the Trade

Hall only scored 36 points last season, in what was a tough year for him. The Hawks probably didn't bring him over for his offensive talents.

It seems the Hawks wanted him for his experience and leadership to help Connor Bedard's integration into the NHL.


The Hawks also added veteran Corey Perry with the same goal in mind: helping Bedard.

Over his career, Hall has played with six other 1st overall picks younger than him. He has the experience to help Bedard adjust to the NHL. He notably helped Jack Hughes and Nico Hischier in New Jersey...and look where they are now!

We can't wait to see the chemistry develop within the multigenerational lineup!

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The Full Truth Behind Taylor Hall's Trade to Chicago Finally Revealed

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