Matthews Throws Shade at Nylander in Latest Interview

Published August 27, 2023 at 1:04 PM

Auston Matthews signed his extension earlier this week and now, all eyes are on William Nylander.

Matthews Takes a Shot at Nylander


In a recent press conference, Matthews was asked about Nylander's "chilled" attitude in his negotiations and if he wanted all his teammates to be that calm.

Here's what he answered:

"To an extent, for sure." He is not a fan of Willy's chilly nature at "all times"

Nylander's Negotiations

While some may see this as a selfless tribute to his teammates, some argue that it's actually a little jab.

Nylander's attitude about his extension negotiations is extremely nonchalant. The thing is that if he harms the team by not signing, he might reach a point of no return with the Leafs and his teammates.

He explicitely said in a recent interview that he isn't worried about the negotiations. Honestly, it looks more like he doesn't care...

We hope this gets done quickly so we can start focusing on hockey instead of politics.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Matthews Takes A Subtle Shot At Nylander
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Matthews Throws Shade at Nylander in Latest Interview

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