Legendary Piece of Hockey Memorabilia Up For Auction

Published July 18, 2023 at 4:21 PM

Wayne Gretzky's stick is up for auction and is going to sell for hundreds of thousands.

Gretzky's Stick For Auction

Wayne Gretzky's stick from the 1988 Stanley Cup Finals will be going up for auction.

The stick is signed and dated by Gretzky which adds significant value to it and it is projected to sell for a very high price.

The Projection

The projection for the stick price is ridiculous. Experts have projected the stick to sell for more than $500,000.

Head of Streetwear and Modern Collectables at the prestigious Sotheby's auction house Brahm Wachter commented on what the stick could sell for.

"I think the gloves achieved something like $200,000, the jersey achieved $1.5 million. We figured that this would be somewhere in-between those two particularly because the market has actually gone up since that sale." - Brahm Wachter

A large part of why it is projected to sell so highly is because it was signed on the day of Gretzky's final Stanley Cup Final game.

As seen on SportsNet - Gretzky's game-used stick from 1988 Stanley Cup Final going up for auction
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Legendary Piece of Hockey Memorabilia Up For Auction

Will the stick sell for over or under $600k?

Over4150.6 %
Under4049.4 %
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