Zadina Reveals Why he Needed to Get Out of Detroit

Published July 18, 2023 at 1:15 PM

Zadina's Departure


Filip Zadina, a former first-round pick, never lived up to the high expectations that the Red Wings management had for him.

In fact, Steve Yzerman did everything he could to get rid of him, only a year after he signed a three-year deal valued at $5,475,000.

After clearing waivers, the only possible solution for Yzerman was to terminate his contract, which Zadina agreed to. By doing so, he walked away from $4,560,000.

As he revealed in a recent interview, he simply wanted out.

Zadina Opens Up

Here's what he said when asked to explain the circumstances leading to his contract termination:

«For the last couple of seasons in Detroit, I've been injured all the time,» Zadina said. «It was tough mentally to see other players playing while I was in the gym and watching those games from the stands, not really being a part of the game.

When I wasn't playing, the other guys who were getting a chance to play, they played well and earned that spot. It was tough for me to start from the bottom every season. I would rather go somewhere else to get the opportunity and prove to myself that I'm still a good player, as I used to be.»

«I was actually a little scared that the interest wouldn't be as high as I wanted,» Zadina said. «But it turned out that many teams had a big interest in having me on their team. Many teams were asking.

That made my decision even harder because there were good teams I could have gone to. I spoke to a bunch of GMs, a bunch of coaches, and a bunch of players called me from different teams. It was really a hard time to decide, but I believe I made the right decision by going to San Jose.»

It must not have been easy for him, and he was looking for a change of scenery.

If a lot of teams were interested in him, it's probably because he didn't come with his former contract.

He ended up signing in San Jose for $1,100,000, which is a lot less than the two years at $1,830,000 and $2,730,000 left on his deal.

Obviously, he doesn't mind, and the important thing is that he's happy to be out of Detroit.

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Zadina Reveals Why he Needed to Get Out of Detroit

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