Kevin Hayes pens emotional tribute to his late Brother

Published August 23, 2023 at 3:44 PM

The Hayes brothers dreamed of making it to the NHL as they grew up, and after both living out the dream together, the hockey world was shocked and saddened by the passing of the older brother Jimmy two years ago.

A tragic passing


The tributes flowed in from around the world for a player that was beloved and respected by the entire NHL fan base, especially for those of the teams that he played for throughout his career.

Now, on the two year anniversary of his passing, Kevin has taken to the Players Tribune to pay tribute to a beloved player and brother with an emotional tribute called For my Brother, the Immortal Jimmy Hayes.

An emotional tribute

The tribute features many touching stories of the two growing up on and off the ice, with Kevin making sure to note that his legacy won't be forgotten, and that he will never give up talking about him.

Jimmy is not gone. We're still saying his name, every single day.

He also touches on the incident that led to Jimmy's passing, opening up on just how hard that is, still to this day.

It feels surreal, still. It hurts so bad some days that I can barely take it. That's just the truth. It sucks. It sucks to talk about. It sucks to remember. It sucks to know that I'm never going to be able to hear another one of his stories. It just f****** sucks.

Unfortunately, Jimmy's story is one that many people around the world can relate to, so the hope with this article was to keep the memory of his brother alive, while also reminding people around the world of the circumstances and that they aren't alone, and it can be helped.

Rest in Peace Jimmy Hayes.

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Kevin Hayes pens emotional tribute to his late Brother

RIP Jimmy Hayes

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