Former Calgary Flame Tells Shocking Story About Darryl Sutter

Published August 23, 2023 at 12:28

We were waiting for that moment to happen. A few weeks after Darryl Sutter was fired from the Calgary Flames, a former player spoke out.

Toffoli's Shocking Revelation


Tyler Toffoli joined the Flames in 2022. He scored 96 points in 119 games under Darryl Sutter.

He made an appearance on the Spittin' Chicklets podcast earlier this week and shared a few stories about Sutter.

To understand the first one, you must know that the Flames don't really have a practice rink besides the Saddledome. However, it's not always available. Sometimes, players are forced to travel outside the city to Winsport for training.

Now, here's what he revealed:

«When we'd have a bad game or a bad first period, he'd walk back and forth mumbling, ‘I guess we have to go to Winsport tomorrow. You guys want to go practice at Winsport?' It's only the first period. It's 0-0. We have like 15 shots, and they have 3. He's chirping guys on the bench, ‘I guess we have to go to Winsport tomorrow'"

He was threatening his players with a trip to Winsport, making it sound like it was a chore.


Sutter's Mind Games

Toffoli continued by describing the mind tricks Sutter used, mainly on the goalies:

«It'd be 0-0, and he'd come in and tell Vladdy, [Dan] Vladar, to get ready to go in,» said Toffoli. «We're looking, thinking, ‘It's 0-0. Oh, Marky's not ready to play tonight.' We realize there's a reason it's 0-0; he has 10 saves. We haven't touched the puck this whole period. Little things like that. As you said, it's all mind games. He's just trying to get guys going. I guess it happened in LA too. It just started to wear on guys, and the change happened.»

Let's hope more players come forward with stories like this so that Sutter can never return to the NHL.

His outdated style simply doesn't fit in today's NHL.

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Former Calgary Flame Tells Shocking Story About Darryl Sutter

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