BREAKING: Toronto Maple Leafs star player leaves practice INJURED

Published November 18, 2022 at 4:02 PM

The Maple Leafs played last night and allowed the New Jersey Devils to win their 11th straight game, and with a game coming up tomorrow against Buffalo which is currently in the air due to a massive snowfall, the Maple Leafs chose to have a practice today.

Just 20 minutes into the practice though, Auston Matthews took a shot off his foot and left. You can see in the videos below he was trying to shake off the pain, but in the end it was to much and he was forced to leave practice.

Matthews is having a bit of a slow start to his season goal scoring wise, after scoring 60 goals in 73 games last season, he currently only had 8 goals in 18 games, but is still producing points as he has 19 points.

Matthews has already suffered quite a few injuries during his career, only playing in one full season, so let's hope this isn't something that is going to keep him out from any game play.

In his last 8 games Matthews has scored 5 goals and 11 points, so it would be a shame if he was held out of the lineup just as he was starting to fire on all cylinders:

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BREAKING: Toronto Maple Leafs star player leaves practice INJURED

Will Matthews miss a game?

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