BREAKING: Marc-Andre Fleury Openly Defies Gary Bettman: Will Be Fined Thousands

Published November 24, 2023 at 3:02 PM
In breaking news, Marc-Andre Fleury has been reported to be considering defying Gary Bettman's rules, risking a massive fine to him and the Wild Organization.

Fleury Willing to Defy Gary Bettman's Rules To Show Support For Native American Heritage Night

The Minnesota Wild are set to have their Native American Heritage night tonight against the Colorado Avalanche. To celebrate the evening, Marc-Andre Fleury had a special mask designed to show his support for Native American Heritage.



The Cause is close to him personally, as Fleury's wife is Native American. The mask was designed by a Native American Designer Cole Redhorse Taylor, and included special quotes from Fleury's father.

Now, Gary Bettman and the NHL have decided that Fleury will not be able to wear the mask. Fleury was considering defying the rules, and just taking the fine, however, Bettman has stated that if he does the Wild will be given an even larger fine.

As part of Native American Heritage Night and to honor his wife, who is native, Marc-Andre Fleury had a custom-designed mask created by Cole Redhorse Taylor. Mask quotes his dad on back, has names of his kids.

He's bummed the NHL has informed him he can't even wear in warmups

Marc-Andre Fleury indicated he was planning to wear the mask anyway and pay the fine. The NHL then threatened the Wild organization with an additional significant fine.

This continues the ongoing struggle between players and the NHL, in which players want to show their support for causes near to them, and the NHL is shutting it down.

This should be the topic of discussion for the NHLPA this offseason to come up with a policy that allows players to show their support for various causes.
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BREAKING: Marc-Andre Fleury Openly Defies Gary Bettman: Will Be Fined Thousands

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