BREAKING: Pat Maroon Traded To Canada? Becoming A Legit Possibility Suggested By Insider

Published November 24, 2023 at 12:01
In breaking news, the potential for Pat Maroon to be traded to Canada has just skyrocketed according to these recent reports.

Oilers Look to Pat Maroon For Potential Season Turnaround

The Edmonton Oilers are in desperate need of a fix to their season. This has led many to speculate about what moves that GM Ken Holland will make. It's clear that Holland needs to make a move, and now reports have that everything is on the table.

Oilers/Holland thread:

All eyes are on Ken Holland right now and rightfully so. My sense is, outside their first round pick, all assets and options (29,97 aside) are in play to try and find a fix. Prospects, 2nd rounders, roster players, all of it on the table.../

The Oilers seem to be ready to take some risks in order to potentially turn the season around. With that said, TSN's Ryan Rishaug also notes that the team is looking at Pat Maroon.

/but what Holland cannot do with his team in total free-fall - is nothing. Here are some things I believe they should be looking for outside G and D - any of these elements would be a positive add
-Cup experience
-Positive locker room presence/energy../

...A player like Pat Maroon would fit the bill on all three of these fronts - (Not sure his availability). There are others who check one or two of the boxes. Point is - Holland has to find a way to check a box, and it needs to happen now. Also, wouldn't be shocked to see.../

Each trade is difficult to evaluate, as no one individual will be able to single-handedly turn the Oilers' Season around. While it seems risky to move a ton of assets for a player like Pat Maroon with the hopes he can lead the Oilers back to contention, it is clear they need to do something.

As seen on Hockey Feed - "Rumor: Reports of a Pat Maroon trade to the Oilers"
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BREAKING: Pat Maroon Traded To Canada? Becoming A Legit Possibility Suggested By Insider

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