Former NHL Goalie Fires Shots At Disgraced Ref

Published November 24, 2023 at 1:15 PM
This Former NHL Goalie just took a shot at a former NHL referee who is known for posting on social media.

Lack Takes Shot at Former Referee Tim Peel With Funny Post

Tim Peel is well known for sharing his thoughts on social media and recently got himself into some drama with an Edmonton Oilers Reporter. Now, former goaltender Eddie Lack took to social media to poke fun at Peel's social media posts.

Only need about 10 more drinks before I start drunk tweeting like Tim Peel @TimCPeel20

Lack is pretty well known for posting funny stuff on social media, and has taken to to post funny things in the past.


I should've played for the Oilers. You're so used to below average goaltending I would've fit right in.

Peel Has Not Shied Away From Drama On Social Media

Surprisingly, there was no response from Peel to the post. Peel is well known for his drama-inducing posts on everything regarding the NHL. Recently, he got into a heated argument with Oilers Reporter Mark Spector over a question Spector asked after an Oilers loss.

This is what happens when you call out an Edmonton reporter for asking Connor McDavid if he'd rather win 4-1. An idiotic question, of course they would. This is why some players don't want to play in Canada. Connor played his ass off tonight!

Hopefully, the post from Lack doesn't spark any debate like this online.
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Former NHL Goalie Fires Shots At Disgraced Ref

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