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BREAKING: Horrifying Skate Blade Injury Goes Down in Russian Game

Published December 15, 2023 at 2:50 PM

A Russian player had his throat slit during a VHL game today horrifying fans but luckily the player appears to be alright.

Lyulko Takes A Skate To The Throat

Today during a VHL game, Russian defenseman Vitali Lyulko took a skate to the neck in an accident that looked like the Adam Johnson incident.

The latest updates are that Lyulko was able to skate off on his own and was taken away in an ambulance. Based on how fast Lyulko was skating off the ice, it seems as if the cut was not too life threatening.

Looks as though a player in the VHL has just had his throat slashed by a skate.

The clip I saw looked as though the player skated off under his own power with his hand on his neck.

He was taken away via ambulance.
All I know so far.

Tough to see from clip, but he may have gotten lucky and it caught him under the chin.

Other players (not all) on his team wear the neck protectors - he was not.

This is just another reminder that neck guards should be mandatory at all levels as Lyulko could have been inches away from passing away.

As seen on Markerzone - BREAKING: Player Struck in the Neck by Skate in Top Russian League
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BREAKING: Horrifying Skate Blade Injury Goes Down in Russian Game

Will neck protection be mandatory in the NHL next year?

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