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1200-Game Veteran Nearing Return With Contending Team

Published December 15, 2023 at 11:53

1200-game veteran Zach Parise is getting close to returning to the NHL with a contending team per a recent report.

Parise Nears Return To The NHL

Recently, speculation about Zach Parise returning to the NHL has begun to heat up with insider Elliotte Friedman reporting that many teams are interested in bringing in the 39-year-old forward.

Friedman reported that Parise has picked up his workouts and appears to be nearing NHL shape.

«Not sure yet what it means for an NHL return, but Zach Parise's been skating pretty hard in Minnesota. I assume, when ready, it will be the Islanders.» - Elliotte Friedman

TSN insider Chris Johnston added to it by saying how some cup contenders may be interested in bringing Parise in.

« And I think where this gets interesting is that the Islanders have kept the door open to Zach Parise, they wanted to bring him back for a third season this year, but in the meantime here, you've got other teams, and some teams with a legitimate chance of winning the Stanley Cup that have entered the picture and expressed some interest in him. And so, when he does get to the point where he's ready to return, ready to sign a contract, Zach Parise is going to have a decision to make, and that's to try to go to a team, maybe, that he thinks has the best chance to win the Cup, or to stay loyal to the Islanders.» - Chris Johnston

Last year Parise scored 21 goals and 34 points in 82 games. While he is no longer the elite top-line winger he was when he was playing with the Devils, Parise is still a solid contributor in a bottom-six role that can add to any powerplay in the NHL.

We will now await his decision to see if it will be the Islanders or somebody else who has a better chance of winning the Stanley Cup.

As seen on Hockey Feed - Parise nears a decision on NHL future
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1200-Game Veteran Nearing Return With Contending Team

Where will Zach Parise sign?

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