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RUMOR: Anaheim And New Jersey Nearing A Blockbuster Trade

Published December 15, 2023 at 12:18

The Anaheim Ducks and the New Jersey Devils are heading in opposite directions and there are rumblings of a blockbuster trade that will include John Gibson.

Devils And Ducks Nearing A Blockbuster Trade

Currently, goaltender John Gibson is the best on the market. The Ducks goaltender has been through thick and thin and he is reportedly done and wants to compete for a Stanley Cup. Many contending teams have a goaltender right now but one that does not is the New Jersey Devils.

They have one of the best forward cores and defensive cores in the NHL but fall just short with their goaltending tandem. The Ducks and the Devils are rumored to be working on a John Gibson trade and Eklund of reports the following.

The Devils are entering into serious talks with the Ducks involving John Gibson who would really solidify the net..some feel the Devils are about to explode in the standings, and the only thing holding back the Devils from a payoff spot is stability in the netsThe costs will be quite high and the Devils may have to give up two serious prospects.and a first.

While that cost would be quite pricey, it would fill the Devil's largest hole and could put them on track to being a dynasty for years to come.

What Could The Devils Give Up?

Eklund reports that the Devils would need to part with two serious prospects and a first-round pick. Luckily for the Devils, they are one of the better drafting teams in the NHL and have a prospect cupboard that is filled to the brim. It is unlikely we would see the Devils part ways with Luke Hughes (4th overall in 2021) or Simon Nemec (2nd overall in 2022) but there are still plenty of high-upside players they could move.

One of these is Alexander Holtz, the 7th overall pick in the 2020 draft. Holtz has been lackluster thus far but has been adjusting well to the NHL this season in a bottom-six capacity. He currently has 8 goals and 13 points through 27 games. While the Devils may be giving up on him too early, if Holtz is able to find his stride playing alongside fellow countryman and 2023 2nd overall pick Leo Carlsson, he could prove to be an elite piece for the future.

The Devils could include 2022 2nd rounder, Seamus Casey, in the deal. As the Michigan Wolverines' main defenseman this year, Casey has exploded in production with 23 points in 18 NCAA games. He could make his NHL debut at the end of this season but with the Devils having so many elite pieces on the blue line as is, Casey may be the odd man out.

John Gibson

Alexander Holtz
Seamus Casey
2024 1st round pick

While it is unknown if a deal will get done just quite yet, it seems like something could be coming in the near future.

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RUMOR: Anaheim And New Jersey Nearing A Blockbuster Trade

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