Arizona Coyotes future in Arizona still a question mark according to Insiders

February 12, 2022  (9:18)

It was announced Thursday afternoon, by both the NHL and Arizona Coyotes that the organization had reached an agreement with Arizona State University for a home for the Coyotes for the next 3-years. The facility is set to open this fall, but might not be ready until as late as December, which would set the Coyotes off on the longest road trip in NHL history.

There has been a lot of criticism of this plan, especially when you consider the Atlanta Thrashers were forced to relocate after they could only secure a 10,000 seat venue. One which the NHL deemed, "too small for an NHL team," at the time. The ASU Multipurpose Arena is currently slated to seat 5,000 fans, but that number could drop to as low as 3,200 once NHL quality facilities are installed.
Playing at this facility is planned to be just "temporary", while a permanent home is built, but there are also scenarios where the Coyotes are unable to secure that permanent home. Tempe City Council is set to vote on the Coyotes proposal in March or April, but at last mention the Coyotes still lacked council support for the facility.
Yesterday on the Jeff Marek Podcast Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek shared the following thoughts on the Coyotes arena situation.
Friedman on 32TP is not so sure the #Yotes will be playing at ASU next season. The vote for the new rink is in March or April, he asks what if they don't get it? Could you really see them playing at ASU if they don't get the new rink approved in Tempe?
Marek's theory is if the Coyotes don't get the new rink in Tempe he suspects it would be sold back to the league and the league would auction it off and they would move somewhere else. Friedman thinks Marek could be right.
So while it seems the Coyotes' situation has been temporarily rectified that could be completed derailed by the Tempe City Council's refusal approve the Coyotes long-term plans.
If the Coyotes were auctioned off the 4 likeliest locations for relocation would remain Houston, Kansas City, Quebec City or Portland.
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