Pittsburgh Penguins General Manager Kyle Dubas
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Kyle Dubas slams back at media claims

Published April 2, 2024 at 6:58 PM

In what is a season to forget in Pittsburgh, the fans across the league and the media seem to call for accountability in the upper management, including first year General Manager Kyle Dubas, who has had a rough start to his tenure in the Steel City.

Despite their disappointing season, the diamond in the rough has been their captain, number 87 Sidney Crosby, who despite the many trade rumors, has been a key piece to this Penguins team. Last night, gathering his 82nd point of the season, he solidified himself with Wayne Gretzky for most point per game seasons in NHL history with 19 straight.

Dubas defends Sidney Crosby

A misinformed page on twitter clearly didn't watch Crosby, and brought up a ridiculous take.

Not to be pedantic, ok fine to be pedantic. Points-per-game is a rate stat. Are the Penguins just going to sit him the rest of the year lol

GM Kyle Dubas replied the following:

Actions speak louder than words some may say, and some are even speculating that Dubas will go to war for his captain and may opt to keep him long term despite those calling on Sidney Crosby to be traded. Sidney Crosby could be traded this summer

It would be hard to imagine a scenerio where Sidney Crosby doesn't finish his career in Pittsburgh. Kyle dubas defends Sidney Crosby

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Dubas fires shot at critics
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Kyle Dubas slams back at media claims

Will Sidney Crosby be traded this summer?

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No13068.8 %
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