You Won't Believe Alex DeBrincat's Insane Contract Demands

Published July 4, 2023 at 11:11

DeBrincat Wants Out

It has been weeks since Alex DeBrincat let the Ottawa Senators know that he won't sign long-term with their team. There has been a major report about DeBrincat's demands, and it changes everything.

If DeBrincat is still in Ottawa today, it's not because of what the other teams offer, but because of the extension negotiations. The player was allowed to talk with teams, but nothing came out of those discussions. However, we know that at least the Ducks and the Islanders are interested.


Next Step: Arbitration

The forward is reportedly looking for a stunning $70.2M eight-year deal, with an AAV of $8.775M. Teams are apparently closer to the $8M range.

If DeBrincat doesn't sign a deal soon, he'll go into an arbitration hearing. He accepted the $9M qualifying offer Dorion made him. That means that the lowest he can get is $7.65M.

We'll keep you updated, but it wouldn't be surprising if there's not much development in this case before August, when the hearings for arbitration begin.

As reported on Hockey Patrol - BREAKING: Debrincat's Insane Contract Demands are Revealed
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You Won't Believe Alex DeBrincat's Insane Contract Demands

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