Flyers Save Goalie From the Russian Military

Published July 3, 2023 at 9:40 PM

The Philadelphia Flyers have gotten a major boost as a top Russian prospect could be available as soon as next season

Russian youngster poised to make jump to North America

According to Reports out of Russia, Goalie prospect Ivan Fedotov, one of the top players outside of the NHL, may be able to the Flyers as soon as next year, although there are still unsure circumstances for his future.

HockeyNewsHub, citing Russian sports channel MatchTV, quotes an article stating that the KHL rejected the registration of Fedotov's extension with CSKA Moscow, citing Fedotov's signing with the Philadelphia Flyers. The KHL is applying a "Gentlemen's Agreement" between the KHL and NHL, wishing to respect Fedotov's contract with the Flyers.

The Flyers enacted a tolling on Fedotov's contract for the 2023-24 season, moving his eligibility to a UFA. Fedotov still being eligible for a contract appears to make the KHL hesitant on allowing for an agreement with Fedotov and CSKA.

Ivan Fedotov, 26, has been one of the most dominant Goalies in the KHL in recent years. In the 2021-22 Season, Fedotov had a 14-10-2 record with CSKA Moscow, with a 2.00GAA and a .919SV%, as well as an equally dominating performance at the 2022 Olympics for the Russian Olympic Team, having a 1.61GAA and .943SV% for the Silver Medal winning Olympic Russians.

However, in July 2022, multiple reports stated that Fedotov was detained by Russian military police after reportedly attempting to evade mandatory military service, compulsory for Russian men. Fedotov was later hospitalized and was reported to have been sent to a military base in Northern Russia, later completing his compulsory military service.

CSKA, with deep historical ties to the Russian military, connected to the Russian Defence Military, having been the military team of the Soviet Union. This furthers the demands for Fedotov's conscription for the Russian forces.

It's unknown if Fedotov's season in 2023-24 will be with Philadelphia or CSKA, or even elsewhere. The Flyers, who took a major risk at the 2023 NHL Draft, taking Russian star prospect Matvei Michkov 7th Overall, will likely be careful not wishing to overly upset the KHL, where Michkov is still signed to SKA St. Petersburg until 2026.

For now, Ilya Fedotov is expected to be in the NHL this season, but at this stage, nothing is a given.
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Flyers Save Goalie From the Russian Military

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