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Wayne Gretzky Reveals The Biggest Mistake Of His Career

Published December 25, 2023 at 1:27 PM

Wayne Gretzky was given an offer he could not refuse during his prime and he refused it making it the largest mistake of his career.

Wayne Gretzky Turns Down The Most Expensive Deal In NHL History

In a recent interview on the podcast Spittin' Chiclets, Wayne Gretzky revealed the crazy contract offer he got from the Vancouver Canucks.

Gretzky was offered $3 million per year AND 25% of the Canucks but he decided to turn down the offer and stick with the Oilers.

After Wayne Gretzky won the Stanley Cup, he was offered 25% of the @Canucks and a huge raise.

He declined. The rest is history.

The deal would have netted Gretzky roughly $8 million per year (adjusted for inflation) and his portion of the Canucks would have been worth $330 million today.

It is estimated that Gretzky has a net worth of $250 million with only about a fifth of that coming from his salary and the rest coming from endorsements.

While Gretzky was able to win multiple Stanley Cups in Edmonton, he missed out on hundreds of millions to do so.
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Wayne Gretzky Reveals The Biggest Mistake Of His Career

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