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PK Subban Sends A Concerning Message To Connor Bedard

Published December 25, 2023 at 11:40

Connor Bedard scored a lacrosse goal recently and it has divided the hockey world on whether it is good for the game or not.

Bedard and Zegras Score Lacrosse Goals

During the final night before the NHL's Holiday Break, Trevor Zegras and Connor Bedard did the unthinkable when they both scored lacrosse goals on the same night.

The pair went viral for their skill and divided the NHL community on the move while doing so. Some claim that this is good for the game as it encourages players to be creative while others claim that the move is a gimmick and has no place in hockey. Former Norris-winning defenseman PK Subban commented on the move and what he would do.

Subban Comments On What He Would Do

PK Subban took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to comment on the lacrosse move and what he would do.

"Trevor Zegras, Connor Bedard, absolutely disgusting. In that moment they expose not only the goaltender but all 5 players on the ice, embarrass them in front of 20,000 and millions of people watching from coast to coast. I think it's absolutely awesome."

Subban then went add on what he would do sending warning shots to Bedard and Zegras on what could happen to them.

"Is this great for the game? Well, I don't know. I'm telling you something, if I was playing, I'd probably take a swing at em."- PK Subban

These are just a few more things that Bedard and Zegras will need to worry about in the future as if they pull the move off against the wrong opponent, they may wind up hurt.

As seen on HockeyFeed - Subban on Zegras/Bedard: If I was playing I'd probably take a swing at em.
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PK Subban Sends A Concerning Message To Connor Bedard

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