Vancouver Canucks fan BURNS his jersey after Team President makes comments

Published October 25, 2022 at 4:05 PM

The Vancouver Canucks have started off on a league worst record of 0-5-2, of which the majority of these games they held 2+ goal leads, but blew them to eventually lose.

The whole team is surrounded with drama right now, from locker room troubles, to rumours of Boudreau being fired, fans harassing J.T. Miller while he was out with his family, fans are tossing jerseys on the ice and now they're burning them.

Saturday night on Hockey Night in Canada, Jim Rutherford, the President of the Vancouver Canucks, was interviewed and was asked about his teams direction, which he responded:

well, I think some people have to realize how long rebuilds are. You look at some of the teams that went through it, and we look at how good they are now, but there were a lot of tough years. We may very well be in a rebuild on the direction we're going. But ideally we'd like to transition this team on the fly. We do have some core players, some young players, that are really good. These guys just have to keep working and try to work through this. But we will continue to try to add younger players to this team and bring it together here in the next year or so

This is how one fan decided to respond to this:

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Vancouver Canucks fan BURNS his jersey after Team President makes comments

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