VIDEO: Former teammate told Radulov he was going to ''F***ing tear his head off''

Published May 10, 2022 at 9:47 PM
Over the years we heard stories about players that were either hard to play with or disgruntled players also known as locker room cancers. These type of players are usually very good players but either cause a toxic relationship with fellow teammates and or management.

One player that comes to mind is Dallas Stars forward Alex Radulov. Radulov is one of the most skill Russians in the game, but after being drafted 15th by the Nashville Predators in 2004, Radulov wasn't ready to play a matured game.

Former NHLer Jason Arnott was on the Cam and Strick Podcast and told a 'funny' story about playing with Alexander Radulov.

"Arnott was telling a practice story of Radulov shooting pucks at the other end of the ice while the rest of the team was working on a drill along the boards. Arnott took him aside and let him have it. Things got so bad Arnott had to have meetings with the current head coach at the time Barry Trotz."


Radulov is known to have character problems. He was drafted by the Nashville Predators and played for two seasons but caused chaos amongst the team, would not following the rules including missing curfew, being late to practices and arguing with teammates. Radulov was also criticized for not playing with much effort some games causing teammates to yell at him including Jason Arnott who said, Radulov only cared about himself and personal attributes. Radulov returned to Russia after an unsuccessful first attempt in the NHL.

He came back to the NHL in 2012 and played a few games with Nashville but once again started causing problems and left again after the playoffs to return to Russia. After 4 more year in the KHL, Alex Radulov became one of the best players in the KHL. Radulov would make his 3rd return to the NHL signing as a free agent with the Montreal Canadiens. This time, Radulov didn't disappoint. He quickly became a fan favorite in Montreal having a great season.

Unfortunately for the Canadiens, Radulov decided to leave and sign with the Dallas Stars where he's been a top player on the team every season, except for the recent two years.

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VIDEO: Former teammate told Radulov he was going to ''F***ing tear his head off''

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