Truth About Why Blackhawks Could Not Disclose Details About Perry Finally Revealed

Published December 1, 2023 at 11:24 PM

Corey Perry's sudden and mysterious absence from the Blackhawks was the number one story in the hockey world for well over a week. Now we know why the team was being so secretive about the matter.

NHL Reporter States Why Blackhawks Could Not Comment On Perry Incident

Many hockey fans have criticized the Blackhawks for their lack of transparency in regard to Perry's absence from the team. However, NHL reporter Martin Leclerc discussed this very topic today, noting why the Blackhawks handled it the way they did.

"Many people blame the Blackhawks for their lack of transparency in this story. The problem is that someone was a victim of Perry's unacceptable behavior. And as an employer, Kyle Davidson has the responsibility to protect the anonymity of this victim, even within his organization.

If similar allegations occurred in a law firm, a factory, or any other workplace, no employer would disclose the existence of an investigation before it is completed, nor the names of the people involved. That would be downright irresponsible."

Leclerc makes a good argument here. While the alleged incident does not involve a legal investigation, the Blackhawks could potentially face legal consequences if they improperly reveal details that should have remained private. This is likely the reason we will never hear the full story as to exactly what happened.

Perry Apologizes For Inappropriate Behavior, Seeks Professional Help

The veteran forward released a statement yesterday, apologizing for his reckless behavior. It comes across as genuine and according to Perry himself, he is now seeking professional help for mental health and substance abuse.

While his apology cannot change what happened, it is good to see Perry take accountability for his actions. At this point it seems like his NHL career may be over, but it seems like teams are still interested in his services. Perhaps he can make a comeback after he gets his personal well-being in order.

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Truth About Why Blackhawks Could Not Disclose Details About Perry Finally Revealed

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